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| The Knoll furniture (Knoll furniture) system to recruit the creation of design royalties

The Knoll furniture (Knoll furniture) system to recruit the creation of design royalties

Knoll Company is a German designed the cultural origins furniture company, is a leading global office furniture design and manufacturing company, lead the trend of famous brands in the world of modern furniture industry. Many outstanding designers such as Eero Saarinen, Harry Bell toyah have the company played Ya Emperor furniture website Xiaobian learned a lot of impact on the world of classic furniture works from the Knoll furniture, Knoll furniture.
The Knoll Company is a very typical case design as the core competitiveness and achieved great success, and established route leading design from its inception. Noel and Florence are the machine of modern higher education background and designer. Florence joined by her established under the auspices of the Wu Nuoer company's design studio (Knoll studio) gradually establish a modern design mechanisms to find and attract excellent group of talented designers to join the Knoll design team . The Knoll couple of strongly recognize the importance and value of design talent, they put all the new design gave designer naming rights and to establish design royalty system to ensure the return of intellectual property rights and interests of the designer. As a principle of the Knoll company, this tradition has been insisting to this day, and Noel the naming rights of the designer's work and design royalty system, has become a modern furniture company in Europe and the United States learn from example. Due to the the Knoll company's effective design mechanism, plus of Florence presided over the design and development center, to attract the outstanding large number of domestic and foreign designers, artists, sculptors, architects involved in the design of the Knoll company research and development work, such as Eero Chari in Ning, Harry Bell toyah, Arbour Sorensen, Franco · Abilene, continues to this day, hundreds of well-known designers in Europe, North America, Asia has for Noel companies design products, and every design on the division in the the Knoll company's Web site has a personal home page, content including designer resume, the main representative work, the award-winning collection, illustrated, fully reflects the respect and affirmation of Noel designers. The core by Florence Knoll design team in the post-World War II 1950s many 20th century classic furniture designs. Eero Saarinen series of organic modeling shell seat fetal-type chair and tulip chair, Harry Bell toyah of abstract sculpture beauty of metal wire chair with metal spot welding technology constitute Pratt's floating chair. Meanwhile, Noel purchased the Bauhaus design master Mies MR chair and Breuer's "Wassily" chair design patent and authorized mass production.

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