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  Yadea modern classic furniture
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Customer Service by Yadea modern classic furniture
We are committed to making this a secure and easy online shopping experience for you. To help you to source the best modern classics furniture in the most convenient way.our custom service team will help you in 24 hours to solve your meeting problems.
Please email to honzoninquiry@gmail.com Or call MOB:0086-13603049843
Quick Check Policies: (see detailed policies below)
1,Response policy
Please feedback us if your email have not been replied in 24 hours.
2,Shipping service
We have many ships despatch from local Shenzhen.so if you choose our shipping service we can share the ship space and split the cost with you.
3, Security/guarantee
We extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items.please feel free to feedback us immediately if you are not happy with honzon's quality and service.
4, Repair/replacement Policy
On the overocean orders we guarantee on most accessories for any reason. But furniture items may not be returned because of the shipping cost.and with emails of specifics and pictures. We will send replacements to repair the furnitures or attach new replacement in any coming orders. on some specifics we will solve as discount or send our new furniture to you as free gift.
5, Stock Policy
If any merchandise you are about to order was in stock, we will inform you immediately by e-mail.
6, Privacy Policy
We are fully dedicated to protecting your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or trade your information to others for any reason.
7, suggestion box policy
Please share your any proposals or new thinkings .we are happy to help you to make it come true.
Colors of products on website may vary slightly from actual color due to photography, scanning, etc. All items are hand-made in new factory condition and there may be slight flaws due to manufacturing.
8, photograph policy
We will inspect and test all merchandise for damage and missing parts and before sipping.and we will send pictures on all items/packing/loadings before you sent out balance.
9, Disclaimer
Colors of products on website may vary slightly from actual color due to photography, scanning, etc. All items are hand-made in new factory condition and there may be slight flaws due to manufacturing.

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